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Thousands of Adecco employees will hit the streets in over 50 countries worldwide

Supporting young job seekers with the Adecco Way to Work initiative

Apr 23, 2013 

With young people the worst affected by the tough labour market conditions around the world, Adecco employees have decided to act by giving a helping hand and making their expertise available toyoung job seekers and school leavers . O n April 30, Adecco employees in over 50 countries will be out in the streets offering career guidance and free training workshops to help youngsters improve their employability .

Youth unemployment figures show the dramatic lack of jobs throughout Europe, in the US and some parts of Asia Pacific. Recent figures for Europe are critically high at 23.5% – with peaks of 55.7% in Spain and 58.4% in Greece. That means over 5.6 million people under the age of 25 are jobless in Europe. According to International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates, over 75 million young people worldwide are currently looking for work. Furthermore, recent Adecco research suggests that 54% of unemployed young people want more support and help in their efforts to find a job.

Adecco Group CEO, Patrick de Maeseneire, commented:

“As the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, we believe the current youth unemployment situation is economically and morally unacceptable. This job crisis is sweeping away the hopes and dreams of a whole generation. Through the Adecco Way to Work™ programme we want to make Adecco’s leading recruitment expertise more accessible to young job seekers and provide real-life insights into the world of work and its requirements. The Adecco Way to Work™ programme is our way of giving young people a helping hand. We must help unlock their potential and give them a perspective. We cannot risk losing a whole generation.”

On Tuesday, April 30, 2013, Adecco employees in more than 50 countries will be out in the streets, at schools and universities offering career advice, guidance and free training workshops to help youngsters in their search for jobs. The initiative stretches around the globe. In France, Adecco employees will be on the streets in 33 cities. In Spain and Greece, Adecco will be present in over 150 public places and in Italy in over 50. In Germany, actions are planned in 40 locations, and in North America major events will take place in Detroit and Los Angeles. In Australia, Adecco will reach out to young people in 50 locations and dozens more actions are planned throughout Asia and Latin America. In Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, but also in Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Adecco employees will be out in the streets and schools.

This initiative will mark the launch of the Adecco Way to Work™ programme which offers job searching tips through The website is a comprehensive resource for young job seekers including guidance on job applications, CV writing, preparing for interviews and much more.

All Press Releases
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