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The International Paralympic Committee and Adecco extend their co-operation to deliver the "Athlete Career Programme" to Paralympic athletes until 2012

Today, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the Adecco Group, the global leader in HR services, announced the extension of the Athlete Career Programme, an initiative designed to facilitate the integration of elite athletes into the labour market, both during and at the end of their elite sporting careers


Zürich, Switzerland, Jul 22, 2009 

In 2007, the IPC joined with Adecco to make Athlete Career Programme services available to its athletes. The Programme coaches and trains elite Paralympic and Olympic athletes around the world in making the difficult transition from elite sport to a new career by bringing them together with companies around the world.
"This programme is an excellent opportunity for Paralympians to address the challenging transition from their sporting career to be successful in their new professional lives. We appreciate the focus Adecco has applied to this opportunity and we are looking forward to a successful extension of our collaboration in the best interest of the athletes," commented Sir Philip Craven, President of the IPC.
According to Patrick De Maeseneire, CEO of the Adecco Group: "It is often difficult for athletes to integrate into the world of work and business life. We provide the necessary education and training to help them prepare for this transition. The placements we offer enable them to find a suitable job or career path that they can follow with the same passion they brought to their sporting careers."
Katarzyna Rogowiec, member of the IPC Athletes' Council said: "The passage from being an athlete to having a career outside the field of play takes the courage and determination that we have learned before in competition and Adecco really helps in applying that to the professional world."
The Athlete Career Programme continues to increase its support of Paralympic athletes globally through the co-operation with the IPC, the National Paralympic Committees, the International Sport Federations and the Adecco Group.
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All Press Releases
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