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The Adecco Group launches new reskilling commitment at the Choose France Summit

The Adecco Group announces new pledge to upskill and reskill 5 million people by 2030 to address the widening global skills gap

In France, the Group will train 1 million people, or 150,000 people per year, by 2030

Announcements made at the Choose France Summit, just ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

France, Jan 20, 2020 

At the Choose France Summit, the Adecco Group reaffirms its ambitions for France in line with its key global focus of driving reskilling and upskilling to enable successful participation in the future of work for all.

Alain Dehaze, CEO of the Adecco Group.explains; "We are witnessing an unprecedented phenomenon: automation, robotization ... all these new technologies are having a strong impact on the job market. Companies are facing genuine challenges in recruiting people with the skillsets needed to capture the technological opportunities ahead. We have therefore put a strong focus on upskilling and reskilling, in order to equip individuals to successfully participate in the world of work, and to enable businesses to find the skills they need to be competitive."

Both globally and in France, professional training is a key part of the Adecco Group's strategy. In November 2019, the Adecco Group's subsidiary, General Assembly, launched its first campus in France, in Paris. General Assembly is at the forefront of digital skills assessment and training and was acquired by the Adecco Group in 2018.

In the last three years, the Adecco Group France has tripled its investments in training and development, delivered through its ecosystem of global brands including Adecco, Modis, LHH and General Assembly.

In 2020, the company is committed to investing 100 million euros to train 45,000 people in France: 10,000 people via the temporary CDI, 2,000 temporary workers through integration schemes, 27,000 temporary workers and 6,000 permanent employees.

The temporary CDI is also used as a lever to strengthen employability through training. In fact, a temporary contract employee has on average 5.5 times more access to training than a conventional temporary worker. Thus, the Adecco Group has made the development of the temporary CDI a priority. In 2019, the Group recruited nearly 11,000 people through this contract and aims, in 2020, to recruit an additional 15,000 people.

Globally, the Adecco Group has also today launched a new commitment to upskill and reskill 5 million people by 2030. The objective is to allow more individuals, regardless of their profile, to adapt and take ownership of new technologies via training in code, data science, machine learning, etc. The reskilling push will be led by the Group’s training and development arm, General Assembly, which specializes in equipping individuals and teams with today’s in-demand digital skills. The objective: to guarantee their employability in a world undergoing profound transformation.


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