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Supporting athletes in their professional Career

Today in Turin, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in joint collaboration with Adecco, launched "The Athletes' Career Programme" designed to facilitate the integration of athletes into the labour market at the end of their sporting careers. 

Turin, Italie, Feb 11, 2005 

IOC President Jacques Rogge and Adecco Chief Executive Officer Jérôme Caille officially presented the programme at a press conference in the presence of Ådne Søndrål, Olympic champion in speed skating, IOC Member and member of the IOC Athletes' Commission, as well as five athletes having already benefited from the programme.
Sports competition requires such a huge personal investment from athletes that it leaves them very little time to prepare for their professional future. Many of them finish their sporting career and find it difficult to move on with their professional lives. . With the aim of addressing this issue, the Athletes' Career Programme will provide professional career development services on a worldwide basis for athletes, during and after their sporting careers. For 2005, 13 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) have been selected to participate in the programme.
"Athletes are at the core of the Olympic Movement" said the IOC President Jacques Rogge during the press conference. "They dedicate their lives to sports and it is only right that sports should give them something back at the end of their sporting careers. We believe this is a great step for the Olympic Movement and we are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Adecco in the best interest of the athletes."
Adecco Group CEO Jérôme Caille said : "We feel honoured that the IOC has chosen Adecco for the implementation of the "Athletes' Career Programme" worldwide. Since 2000, we have helped more than 800 former athletes find a second career in various countries, such as Spain, Italy and Norway.
Through our more than 20 dedicated teams across the globe and our tailored methodology, which includes professional assessment, career planning, training, coaching and placement, we aim to help an additional 2,000 athletes manage their career transition and successfully access the labour market. The abilities developed by the athletes during their sporting career are extremely valuable, and it is our responsibility to contribute to their success in the world of work".
Commenting on the programme, Ådne Søndrål on behalf of the IOC Athletes Commission and its Chairman Sergey Bubka (who was unable to attend the press conference today) said: "This agreement is very important for the athletes and we are grateful to the IOC and Adecco for taking into consideration the recommendations of the IOC Athletes' Commission. The period following the end of a sporting career can often be difficult and the Athletes' Career Programme provides the appropriate resources to help athletes take the best career path and be successful in their new professional lives".
Note: As official supplier of the Olympic Winter Games Torino2006, Adecco is also assisting TOROC with the selection and training of the 20,000 volunteers.
For more information please contact Emmanuelle Moreau, Communications Manager - Institutional Affairs, or contact the IOC Communications Department, tel: +41 21 621 6111, or visit our website at
For more information on Adecco and the Athlete's Career Program please contact Manlio Ciralli, Marketing and Communications Director, Adecco Italy at +39 348 600 30 36 , or contact the Adecco Group Press Office  tel: +41 1 878 8847 , or visit our website at
All Press Releases
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