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One year after the Tsunami: rebuilding Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Adecco opens an Employment Service Center; Adecco Corporate Diary designed by a local garment maker; further grant agreement signed

Banda Aceh, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonésie, Dec 16, 2005 

One year after the Tsunami destroyed large parts of the coastal area of North Sumatra (Indonesia), life in the affected regions is still far from normal. But the relief efforts are bearing fruit and people are being helped to rebuild their lives. Shortly after the catastrophe, Adecco SA, the word leader in Human Resource Services, donated EUR 1 million and assigned its own personnel to allocate and supervise projects funded by the company.
Following on from earlier relief efforts, an agreement has been signed this week in Banda Aceh between the local relief organisation Yayasan Kita Peduli Indonesia (YKPI) and Adecco by which a grant of US$519,000 will be awarded over the next three years primarily for specific schooling and housing projects in three districts of Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
Adecco-funded relief measures are already helping to rebuild people's lives in that region. An Employment Service Center in Banda Aceh will open shortly, fully equipped with IT, assessment and training software in the local language, designed to improve employment prospects for local people.
The story of Mrs. Aminah, 60, from the village of Penayeuong, is an example of how giving a person a job and work can help rebuild their life.
Before the Tsunami, Mrs. Aminah owned a garment and embroidery business employing 10 people. When the disaster struck, most of her employees lost their lives. The shop with all its sewing machines and stock of materials was completely destroyed - nothing could be saved or reused. She received a sewing machine as a donation but there were no raw materials available, nor were there any orders from customers. That was when Adecco relief workers helped out. They furnished her with materials and placed the first order for several hundred embroidered covers for the Adecco corporate diary.
Today, Mrs, Aminah is back in business. With that initial order she was able to purchase further equipment and hire and train new personnel. These newly-trained employees are mainly widows - former housewives who were dependent on their husbands' incomes and who have become the head of the family since the catastrophe.
Following the initial Adecco order, Mrs. Aminah's shop now produces other items such as head scarves and ladies' prayer dresses. She currently sells these products at the local market which means that her business no longer needs external financial aid.

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All Press Releases