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Donation of a Billion Swiss Francs to the Jacobs Foundation

Klaus J. Jacobs, the 65-year old Swiss entrepreneur, decided to donate all his rights regarding the financial assets of the holding company Jacobs AG to the charity institution Jacobs Foundation, effective October 26, 2001.

Zurich, Suisse, Oct 29, 2001 

Jacobs AG holds significant participations in a variety of enterprises, which include Adecco and Barry Callebaut. Auditors valued the donation at CHF 1.4 billion. Commenting on the donation, Mr Jacobs said: "For me and my family it is of great concern that our Foundation remains capable of further enhancing its worldwide activities to support sustainable youth-promoting projects. With this gift I continue a long-standing family tradition".

Klaus J. Jacobs created the Jacobs Foundation in 1988. Since then, the Foundation has dedicated approximately CHF 25 million to initiating and supporting diverse projects aimed at promoting the social integration of young people in various countries in the Americas and in Europe. On the occasion of this donation, the Jacobs Foundation will make available to the University of Zürich and the International University Bremen an amount of CHF 10 million each, which shall be used in the elaboration of appropriate projects for research and instruction.

All Press Releases
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