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Adecco to launch global research institute Wolfgang Clement to chair the “Adecco Institute”

Adecco Institute to provide leadership in the field of work and how work impacts individuals, regions and organizations.

Zurich, Suisse, Oct 4, 2006 

The Adecco Group, the world leader in human resource services, today announced that it will launch the "Adecco Institute" aimed at contributing to society by providing leadership in the field of work and how work impacts individuals, companies and organizations.
Through primary and secondary research as well as thought pieces, conferences and events, the Adecco Institute will provide a forward-looking and fact-based perspective on innovative approaches to help organizations and regions raise employability, productivity and employee satisfaction at work.
The institute will be chaired by Wolfgang Clement, former German Minister of Economics and Labour (2002-2005) and will be located in London.
Wolfgang Clement commented: "After many years in political leadership roles, covering economics and labour issues, I am delighted to announce that I will focus on building an institution that can make an excellent contribution to society.  With the Adecco Institute, we will be able to develop a modern view on labour markets and make practical observations for business and government leaders globally".
"Globalisation has changed the way people work. As a result our clients are facing new challenges for which traditional institutions fall short of finding solutions. Adecco, with its daily contact with thousands of companies and people across all major labour markets is in a unique position to provide a platform for discussing innovative approaches to such issues", added Dieter Scheiff, CEO of Adecco Group.
The institute and its research projects will be fully funded by Adecco and will be part of Adecco SA. The research, white papers and publications will be made available to all interested parties.
Peter Siderman has been appointed Managing Director of the Adecco Institute.  Mr Siderman led the McKinsey research function in North America, and previously held senior research positions in Europe and Latin America.  
The first survey from the Adecco Institute, covering the implications of demographic changes on companies in Europe, will be published on October 24, 2006 during the official launch of the Adecco Institute to coincide with the World Business Forum in Frankfurt. At this event, Wolfgang Clement will also explain the institute's role and mandate.
All Press Releases
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