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Adecco honours Wolfgang Clement for his invaluable contribution

Adecco, the world's leading provider of HR solutions, honoured Wolfgang Clement, former German Minister of Economics and Labour, for his invaluable contribution to the Adecco Institute. Wolfgang Clement chaired the Adecco Institute, an internationally operating research body on the future of work, from its inception and shaped it over the three years of his chairmanship into an acknowledged think tank with a network of partnerships with leading universities and academies around the world.

Zürich, Switzerland, Sep 9, 2009 

Founded in October 2006 and based in London, the Adecco Institute goes back to a visionary initiative of Adecco co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and long-time Board Chairman, Klaus J. Jacobs. He recognised the potential of Adecco's position as the global leader in HR services for providing insights into labour markets around the world. Wolfgang Clement, former German Minister of Economics and Labour (2002-2005), agreed in 2006 to build up the Adecco Institute and act as its chairman for three years.
During Wolfgang Clement's chairmanship, the Adecco Institute - a think tank with independent high-level research - became respected by scientists, government representatives, economic leaders and the media. His global approach today provides expertise that covers demographic change in industrial countries as well as labour market developments in emerging markets.
Rolf Dörig, Adecco Group's Chairman, said: "Wolfgang Clement brought a wealth of political and economic knowledge. Studies like the Demographic Fitness Index (DFX), which deals with some of the main challenges in the labour market, or the cooperation with the Shanghai Institute of Social Sciences (SASS) have given the Adecco Institute a voice in long-term issues. We would like to thank him very much for his decisive work and strong commitment and I am especially pleased that Wolfgang Clement will continue to actively contribute his experience and knowledge for Adecco as a member of the Board of the DIS AG."
Due to the excellent work of Wolfgang Clement, the Adecco Institute has established a basis which allows it to continue as a part of the Group's corporate affairs activities. A new advisory board representing competencies such as politics, science and the private sector will take the strategic lead of the Adecco Institute as of 1 January 2010. The cooperation with a science network of partner universities will guarantee the continued scientific approach of the research.
Through primary and secondary research as well as white papers and discussion forums, the Adecco Institute provides forward-looking approaches to help companies and economies raise employability, productivity and employee satisfaction at work. Partnerships with internationally recognised universities and academic institutions ensure the scientific evidence of the output.
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