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Adecco extends its Group Executive Committee

Adecco Group, the world leader in HR services, announces today an extension of its Group Executive Committee as of October 1, 2009.

Zürich, Switzerland, Sep 24, 2009 

The Adecco Group Executive Committee will be extended as of October 1, 2009. With this move, Adecco's markets will be represented in the Executive Committee which will enhance the successful execution of the Group's current strategy, which Adecco Group reconfirms. The company remains fully committed to its proactive cost-focused and disciplined pricing approach, while optimizing the service delivery model. This will help to increase the company's margins in the midterm. Adecco intends to grow the general staffing business and expand its professional staffing business, the latter also via acquisitions. Acquisition targets will always be assessed with financial discipline.
The Executive Committee of Adecco Group will consist of the following members:
  •           Patrick De Maeseneire, Chief Executive Officer
  •           Dominik de Daniel, Chief Financial Officer
  •           Christian Vasino, Chief Human Resources Officer
  •           Sergio Picarelli, Chief Sales Officer
  •           François Davy, Regional Head of France, Switzerland & India
  •           Tig Gilliam, Regional Head of North America
  •           Alain Dehaze, Regional Head of Northern Europe
  •           Mark du Ree, Regional Head of Japan & Asia
  •           Andreas Dinges, Regional Head of Germany & Austria
  •           Federico Vione, Regional Head of Italy & Eastern Europe
  •           Enrique Sanchez, Regional Head of Iberia & South America
  •           Peter Searle[1], Regional Head of UK & Ireland
Annalisa Gigante, Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer, will pursue her career outside the Adecco Group.
Patrick De Maeseneire, Chief Executive of the Adecco Group, said:" With this experienced team, all countries have a strong and balanced presence in the Executive Committee. The team will make sure we further implement our proven strategy, set the right priorities and seize the opportunities for the future growth of the Adecco Group. The members of the Executive Committee have already been with the Adecco Group between 3 and 22 years and have successfully managed a country or a region. Locally we have strong management teams running each country. Furthermore, I am delighted that Alain Dehaze has joined Adecco. Alain brings a profound staffing experience to the Group."
Resumes of each Executive Committee member can be accessed on:
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