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The Adecco Group, the worldwide leader in Human Resource services, announced today that the motion for an injunction against Dieter Scheiff's move to Adecco has been dismissed by the Düsseldorf district court.

Chéserex, Suisse, Jun 13, 2006 

The district court expressly stated that ".it makes sense to employ capable people from the controlled company in the dominant company, thus obtaining the best results for the overall group, but also for the controlled company".
Furthermore, the Düsseldorf district court held that the competence as to the decision on Dieter Scheiff's move from DIS to Adecco exclusively lies with the Supervisory Board, and not with the annual general meeting. DIS AG's Supervisory Board had already approved of Mr Scheiff's move to Adecco on 21 April 2006.
Last week, the DIS AG's annual general meeting had already taken important decisions as to the future development of DIS:
  • The revocation of the listing of the shares for official trading at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (delisting) to avoid serious price fluctuations that do not have anything to do with the course of business, and to avoid yearly costs of approximately one million Euros
  • Support for the growth of the company through lowered dividends
  • Replacing the retired members of the Supervisory Board by distinguished personalities
"I am very pleased about the decisions taken by DIS's annual general meeting, but also about the Düsseldorf district court's ruling. Thus, Dieter Scheiff will be my successor, and Adecco will, also in Germany, be in a position to fully implement the strategy announced in January", said Klaus J. Jacobs, Adecco's CEO and Group Chairman.
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