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Adecco appoints Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications and Global Marketing Partnerships

Zurich, Suisse, Dec 15, 2006

Adecco, the world's largest human resource solutions provider, today announced the appointment of Stephan Howeg as the Group's new Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications and [...]

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François Davy to head Adecco operations in France

Zurich, Suisse, Nov 10, 2006

The Adecco Group, the world leader in human resource services, has announced that François Davy will take responsibility for Adecco operations in France, Adecco s largest single market [...]

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Adecco improves operating income margin to 4.6% and increases net income by 38% in Q3 2006

Chéserex, Suisse, Nov 3, 2006

Q3 HIGHLIGHTS (Q3 06 vs. Q3 05) -Revenues of EUR 5.3 billion, up 11% (11% organically1 ) -Gross margin improvement of 40 bps to 17.2% -Operating income of EUR 243 million, [...]

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Adecco launches global research institute – Wolfgang Clement: “Flexible work solutions will increase employment opportunities for all age-groups, young and old”

Francfort, Allemagne, Oct 24, 2006

Adecco Institute to enhance employability of individuals and productivity of companies – first survey presented

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Adecco Institute introduces demographic fitness index (DFX) as a new corporate performance indicator

Francfort, Allemagne, Oct 24, 2006

2006 demographic fitness survey findings show better DFX scores can add 20% to a firm s competitiveness, innovation and productivity

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Adecco to launch global research institute Wolfgang Clement to chair the “Adecco Institute”

Zurich, Suisse, Oct 4, 2006

Adecco Institute to provide leadership in the field of work and how work impacts individuals, regions and organizations.

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Adecco emphasizes professionalisation as key for profitable growth

Valence, Espagne, Sep 28, 2006

Management specifies strategy and provides trading update; long-term targets reiterated

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Adecco further accelerates organic revenue growth and increases net income by 35% in Q2 2006

Chéserex, Suisse, Aug 11, 2006

Q2 HIGHLIGHTS (Q2 06 vs. Q2 05) -Revenues of EUR 5.1 billion, up 13% (10% organically[1]) -Professional[2] revenues up 19% (11% organically), Office and Industrial 11% (9% organi [...]

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Dieter Scheiff takes office as new CEO of Adecco

Chéserex, Suisse, Jul 31, 2006

Klaus J. Jacobs hands over to his successor as of August 1, 2006

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Adecco introduces Career Centres for specialized job placements

Bruxelles, Belgique, Jun 27, 2006

First Career Centre inaugurated in Brussels; further step in global specialization strategy

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Chéserex, Suisse, Jun 13, 2006

The Adecco Group, the worldwide leader in Human Resource services, announced today that the motion for an injunction against Dieter Scheiff's move to Adecco has been dismissed by the D[...]

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Adecco supports Chinese authorities on new labour legislation

Londres, Royaume-Uni, Jun 7, 2006

Significant change in Chinese labour laws further opens China to world business.