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Zurich, Switzerland, Sep 14, 2017

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Ed Broadhead Speech

Sep 14, 2017

Ed Broadhead UK

Sep 14, 2017
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Zürich, Switzerland, May 25, 2017

Chosen from almost 120,000 applicants from across the world, they will live a unique leadership experience, boosting their employability and career prospects 

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The Adecco Group's first ‘Experience Work Day’ guides world's young job seekers on their 'Way to Work'

Zürich, Switzerland, Apr 10, 2017

Offices and branches of The Adecco Group in 46 countries to open their doors for a full day’s job shadowing, career orientation, CV clinics and interviews 

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The Adecco Group’s ‘CEO for One Month’ offers young talent top work experience and develops their employable skills

Zürich, Switzerland, Feb 7, 2017

An opportunity for ambitious candidates to shadow leaders in 49 countries of The Adecco Group and gain brighter career prospects, for the 4th consecutive year     

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Camille Clément from France is the 2016 Adecco Group ‘CEO for One Month’

Zürich, Switzerland, Sep 9, 2016

Camille stood out from 54,600 entrants and will run a Fortune 500 Company under the mentorship of the Adecco Group CEO Alain Dehaze.

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10 young candidates from 54,600 entrants reach the Adecco Group ‘CEO for One Month’ final

Zürich, Switzerland, Aug 30, 2016

Contenders from across the world compete for the top job alongside CEO Alain Dehaze.

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International Youth Day Optimism reigns: 77% of young adults confident they will find work in first year after studies The Adecco Group global survey finds young people hopeful and ready to land their dream job

Zürich, Switzerland, Aug 11, 2016

The Adecco Group, the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, marks this year’s International Youth Day (August 12) with a new survey on the expectations of young people about t [...]

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50 Adecco ‘CEOs for One Month’ from all over the world poised to take the ‘Top Job’

Zürich, Switzerland, Jun 13, 2016

A unique opportunity to develop their skills, boost their employability and kick-start their career.

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Over 53,400 ambitious youngsters aspire to become ‘CEO for One Month’

Zürich, Switzerland, Apr 18, 2016

Adecco Group will provide the 50 selected candidates with a unique experience and a work opportunity.

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A chance for 50 ambitious youngsters to become Adecco ‘CEOs for One Month’

Zürich, Switzerland, Mar 1, 2016

A springboard to brighter career prospects, with one candidate proceeding to become Adecco Group ‘CEO for One Month’ alongside Alain Dehaze

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Adecco appoints Ayumi Kunori as its Group ‘CEO for One Month’ 2015

Zürich, Switzerland, Sep 2, 2015

The 21 year-old Japanese will gain unique insights into leading a Fortune 500 company alongside Group CEO Alain Dehaze.

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10 remarkable millennials reach the final round for Adecco Group ‘CEO for One Month’

Zürich, Switzerland, Aug 31, 2015

Contenders from all over the world gather in Madrid to aim for the top job alongside CEO Alain Dehaze.

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33 young ‘CEOs for One Month’ on their Adecco Way to Work

Zürich, Switzerland, Jun 24, 2015

One only will gain the global office of ‘CEO for One Month’.

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Adecco launches 2015 ‘CEO for One Month’ initiative in 30 countries

Zürich, Switzerland, Feb 24, 2015

Candidates from around the world offered ground-breaking chance to work alongside Group CEO Patrick De Maeseneire.

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Adecco appoints Paola Ospina as the first ‘CEO for one month’

Zürich, Switzerland, Aug 18, 2014

Adecco Group, the world’s leading provider of Human Resources solutions, today announced the appointment of Paola Ospina as ‘CEO for one month’. Paola will be mentored by Adecco [...]

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Adecco Group ‘CEO for one month’ role offered to young talents

Zürich, Switzerland, Aug 7, 2014

Ten candidates in the final selection to work alongside CEO, Patrick De Maeseneire  

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Talents from all over the world on the Adecco Way to Work

Jun 25, 2014

The Adecco Experience will help them step on the career ladder. Only one will become the 'Adecco CEO for one month'.

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Thousands of Adecco employees hit the streets to help job seekers all over the world

Zürich, Switzerland, May 2, 2014

Adecco offers 100 job experiences and one chance to be the “Adecco CEO for one month"